ToolKart offers you multiple options to buy the right tools

1.Buy through the ToolKart Recommendation

Select the Operation type, enter the Workpiece Dimensions, provide the Material & Machine tool details, and the ToolKart provides you the right recommendation of the tools to be used, including Holders with Inserts or Solid Tools along with Adapters

ToolKart provides multiple options from various manufacturers, and highlights which is the

  • Fastest, or
  • High Performance (Longest life), or
  • Lowest in price , or
  • Lowest in Cost per component

thereby helping you select the right tool based on your needs

2.Browse, Select & Purchase Tools

You can browse through the Categories and Subcategories of tools such as Job Rotating - External Turning - Facing - Rough Facing, and all the available options from multiple manufacturers are listed, You can apply the right filters to narrow down and select the right tool for you.

You can Browse, Select & Purchase the tools here..

3.Search with SKU Numbers & Buy

If you know the SKU number of the tool, you can directly enter it in the search bar, and place the order easily.

Enter the SKU Numbers here…

4.Order Repair & Regrinding Services

You can avail the Repair and Regrinding services for any of your existing tools (whether procured from ToolKart or not). You can search by entering the SKU number, or provide simple details of the tools, to get a list of options for Repair / Regrinding Services. Place the order and the tool will be picked up from your location, repaired and delivered back to you.

Order for Repair & Regrinding here..


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