The Unique ToolKart ordering Process follows the Traditional Ordering steps but in a simple, fast and On-line Process. ToolKart Ordering process Eliminates Non-Value added activities and associated costs. ToolKart Ordering Process leads to Lean and Green Organisation.

Process Stage Conventional Process ToolKart Process Benefits
Requirement Generation Based on the stock level and production Plan, The Operator / store-in-charge raises indent through the supervisor / Manager to the purchaser The end user, uses Toolkart Recommendation / Selection Algorithms, Makes Choices,, Compares Prices and raises Purchase indent on line on ToolKart Portal.. Simple and transparent online process.Option to choose right product and grade. Choice of latest products that improves manufacturing efficiency. Suggestions and guidance from Brand Neutral Experts
Purchase Process The Purchaser releases PO based on quote / rate contract. Renegotiate in case of higher volumes The Purchase Order released automatically On-line. Ordering Based on ready stock availability, Low Price, Low Cost per component, High Performance etc. The whole purchase process and lead time for negotiations becomes zero increasing the org efficiencies. Reduced Resources for Procurement. Waiting time for the delivery gets drastically reduced
Purchase terms Purchaser negotiates the payment terms Best payment options and credit facilities on-line. Pre-existing terms can be incorporated Saving in negotiation time.
Purchase Order placement Purchase order is printed and signed by Authorised Signatories The supervisor / Manager / Approving Authority approves online. Approved Order is released On-line. Saving in PO Signing time
Purchase Order Tracking Indentor Keeps following with Purchaser and purchaser in turn follows up with the sales person and the sales person with the manufacturing department The Manufacturing department directly updates the delivery dates and this is transparently visible to all stake holders. Saves time and provides instant and accurate feedback.


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