ToolKart offers special rewards and cashback offers beyond the normal or special discounts on product prices.

Cashback Offers :

  • ToolKart offers this promotional incentive to you as a buyer on most of the products and as applicable.
  • All cashbacks will be accrued by you in your “Cashbak Wallet” in direct Rupee Denominations.
  • You can redeem the accrued cash on your subsequent purchases on ToolKart.

Reward (Loyalty) Points :

  • ToolKart enables you to earn reward points based on multiple parameters such as Purchase Value, Frequency etc.
  • Reward Points will be accumulated on an organization basis, and ToolKart will come up with periodic offers for you and your company to redeem the earned points and avail special privileges. (Note : Reward points cannot be redeemed as cash against any purchases)


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