If you are a Manufacturer of Cutting Tools, or a Sole Distributor representing a Manufacturer, you are welcome to list your products on ToolKart.

ToolKart offers the following advantages to you as a Supplier :

  1. Improved market penetration & Reduced Cost of Overall Sales & Customer Acquisition
  2. Wider Market Reach. Servicing the SMEs becomes easier,
  3. Prompt payment as per due date – Ease of cash flow management
  4. Improved margins – Stable price level
  5. MIS reports on the sales trends,customer buying patterns and suggestions to improvements for R&D Efforts
  6. Create and Run Offers, flash sales to reduce old and non-moving stock
  7. Absolute secrecy / Discreetness in maintaining the customer and supplier relationship. (In terms of discount and payment terms)

Please Register yourself as a Supplier / Manufacturer with ToolKart here.. Our Representative will get in touch with you shortly to onboard you.